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Saturday, March 29, 2008

"Suckers, It's a Lie, not "Ali!"

From answer in the comments section of
The Secret Sun

John Cusick, Super-star Lord of the Skies

Mr. Bilgani! There's is no evidence that any "planes hit."


September Clues 1

Check out September Clues 1 - 8, One through Eight, Please.

9/11 Taboo

One thru Four.

Discrepancies between footage:

One among many examples of the same.

We've proved it so many ways, it's boring.

The only reason people cannot see it, and don't know it, is:

1. You cannot combat an illogical belief with logic.

2. People will "see" something if they believe it is there.

3.Perhaps the majority just don't have the neurological wiring/juice/perception power to come to the obvious logical conclusion?

(Sometimes "beings" will see something, if they believe in it, even when it is not there:


And conversely, will not grasp the truth of something, if they do not believe in it.

It's called a ruse, a false gesture, a false-flag operation and a fake-out.

In this case the non-fictional event included Mass Media deception/ probable psychological operation test, a la the Orson Wells' "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast.

Except here... and I can justifiably assume that the previous tests of the ability to get away with this genre of fraud proved so successful, it was deemed "O.K." to outright murder, with very little cover (the job itself was not technically well-done - yet, obviously, adequate) and with total impunity.

The cover of "incompetence" is a total joke.

If someone leaves the evidence right out in the open, and no one calls attention to it raising a hue and cry, that does not prove that the perpetrators are innocent. It only proves the subconscious collusion of those who argue, "If 'they' really did it, why would they be so stupid as to openly leave evidence, blatant trails and gross inconsistencies such as "X," "Y," "Z" and/or any number of obvious flaws in the cover story" (which cover-up is, BTW, layered like an onion.)

"Do people know why they should not trust something which displays blatant inconsistencies?"


The fact that their whole story does not make sense does not prove their innocence!

To explain my use of "their":

Quoting a researcher: "This was not a Quintet. This was not a Quartet. This was an Orchestra!"

Back to Synchromysticism:

The number of my building is "22" and the Apt. is in a similar location to the location shot for one of the "Time Machine" movies.

( this was brought to my mind by when I mentioned here Orson Wells / H.G. Wells).

It appeared to me, when I watched the "Time Machine" movie (2002), that I myself was living in the exact location of the time traveler's townhouse, for the 19th c. bits!

The Central Park bits were shot very close to my actual location.

And then, for the 21st c. or beyond, it was switched to about a block or two away. That's for where the scenes are of storm troopers, in black riot outfits, who come to get the Protagonist. Obviously from a time of martial law/ totalitarianism.

I am reading: "Einstein: A Stubbornly Persistent Illusion: The Essential Works of the World's Greatest Physicist" edited by Stephen Hawking.

(Einstein: One Stone)
Hawking: Horus allusion? Just occurred to me...

...when I thought about wanting to quote what Einstein wrote about time:

~"Time is defined by simultaneity."

There is no "external" time, outside of particular simultaneous events.)

As far as Horus, and how that motif relates to my location:

There is a "Pale Male" hawk that lives near here. People watch him from the Park. On Sept. 1 or 2nd , last year, my friend, who lives with his identical twin brother, saw a very large bird (which I Id-ed later as a kind of Hawk) 18" tall, (I measured and calculated from the picture later), sitting on the fire escape rail outside my friend's apt. The bird faced into my friend's room and stayed perched there over night. Rob's dog was lying in view from outside the window, where the bird could see in and "watch over," if it cared to. The dog died that night. Rob saw the bird there when he said good-night to "Doodle" and when he came back in the morn to find her dead.

My friend took a picture of the bird the next morning before it flew away, right at the moment.

If you walk up the street from here, also, you will see the carving representation of the Hawk-headed god, at the Met. The stone depiction, with a head-dress though, looks just like the actual resident near-by, Pale Male.

This pic is not of the one I'm thinking of, but is similar.

I believe the visitor bird, outside my neighbor's window, was an un-specified variety of Hawk. But now that I'm looking at the pic again I am thinking the mottled affect on the front breast looks like a falcon.

I have the pic, albeit blurry, and can scan and post if anyone is interested.
It *does* look like "Pale Male" as depicted in this photo. I think the feathers gwt ruffled up to fight against the cold.

Above the doorway, on the lintel or piece across the top of the door into the "Temple of Death" from Egypt - at the Metropolitan Museum up the street, is a carving that resembles the insignia on Nazi medals/uniforms.

This piece across the top of the door depicts the underside of the flying predatory bird, ver reminescent of the wing span spread here:

This is a pic taken near Central Park and thought to be some relative of "Pale Male." In the carving above the door, the feathers are carved very specifically and well.

This picture doesn't do it justice.

As far as the letters "A & Li"...over the Towers, in the Cusack movie:

The "A" seems in a different type face, or is not script. The size appears different to me, out of sync with the rest of the lettering.

The plane-shaped hole, alleged to have been created by the "first hit," was on the North side of the North tower, and was above the location of the "a" letter, as shown in the pic from the Cusack movie (said pic is taken from a southerly vantage). The plane-shaped hole was on the opposite side of that Tower.

The "L I," appears in the Cusack credits on the South Tower, at approx. the location of the explosion and the appearance of the plane-shaped hole on the South Tower.

Yea suckers, it's a "LIE" not "ALI!"

An interesting 'synchromystical' movie, to me, was "Drawing Restraint 9" by Matthew Barney featuring himself and his wife, Bjork.

Drawing Restraint 9

There is a giant "art object" on the deck of a vessel. It's an extravagant blob and is cut-up over the course of the movie. It's an enormous layered Vaseline blob, treated with amazing respect and resources, on the deck of an authentic, extravagant (and authentically criminal, under International Law) Japanese whaling vessel.

The movie portrays some kind of creepy (IMO) variation of a traditional marriage ritual, kinky for sure, and at some sort of "climax" Bjork and Barney cut-off the flesh from each other's legs, while immersed in a pool, and feed back to each other bits of their own leg flesh. (S & M erotic.)

Then, their lower bodies, hacked clean, metamorphose to fish tails. The couple apparently change into unspecified underwater animals (I'm assuming whales) and swim away together. (As though: in another Aeon).

After that, the movie ends with a pan, zoom-out showing this unbelievably large whaling vessel (probably taken from a helicopter !), as it sails-by gigantic melting ice floes.

That gives a feeling of large scale time and geological durations.

I noticed the resemblance between the krill at the bottom of Bjork's site dedcated to Drawing Restraint 9 and a pic I had on my hard-drive of Horus.

Horus Krill

An OZ-syncing pic from the not often screened, but frighteningly powerful, Art Piece Movie:

"Drawing Restraint 9":

Date of Premiere
September 2nd.

Shoes she wore to it:

The perception issue (or lack of it, as the case may more likely be) is an "OZ sync" itself:

"Do the Lion, Tin Man, Scarecrow and Dorothy get, what they don't initially think they have, simply through belief?"


"Is the mystery involved in 'getting' those qualities, "experiences" and strengths, which can only be obtained from within yourself, and which no one can directly give you, intimately related to the authority of consciousness?"