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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Chris Knowles Interview

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Jai "Durga Jagadambe Ma"

Old Stone Kirtan 2

What I like about Bhagavan Das? He gave up the chance to be "guru"saint sincne he just wanted to get stoned and be with woman. this shows a great deal of self-awareness and honesty upon his part?

Kermit Michael Riggs is his English name.

"Bole Radhe" love song

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Full Screem View

Hip-Hop "September Clues" by Activist F11


Hip-Hop "September Clues" by Activist F11

"No More Monsters" by dadaist4christ

"No More Monsters" by dadaist4christ

"Land of the Living" by CalculatedDyslexic

"Land of the Living" by CalculatedDyslexic

Friday, November 14, 2008

Chronophage Corpus Clock

Click here for better view of creepy eye image above, if you please.

What does the World Economic Crisis have to do with the Large Hadron Collider?

"In appearance the locusts were like horses arrayed for battle; on their heads were what looked like crowns of gold; their faces were like human faces, their hair like women's hair, and their teeth like lions' teeth; they had scales like iron breastplates, and the noise of their wings was like the noise of many chariots with horses rushing into battle. They have tails like scorpions, and stings, and their power of hurting men for five months lies in their tails. They have as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit; his name in Hebrew is Abaddon, and in Greek he is called Apollyon." (Revelation 9:1-11 RSV)

Nothing much yet on this Corpus Clock Conspiracy Page. Told . . . More to Come.

On September 19, 2008, Professor Stephen Hawking and John C. Taylor unveiled to the world the “Corpus Clock”,

On September 19, 2008, the US securities and exchange commission, fearing total collapse of the US stock market, banned short selling

On September 19, 2008,the Large Hadron Collider allegedly suffered a catastrophic failure.

The inscription at the base of this mysterious clock, which incorporates six undisclosed patented inventions, and which had components constructed at a secret military research facility in Holland, is from the Vulgate translation of John 2:17:

“Mundus transit et concupiscentia eius”...

“And The World Passeth Away.... and the lust thereof.”

This passage is in reference to John 2:13 to John 2:16, in which Jesus throws the moneychangers out of the Temple.

"Raybeam" on the Synchromysticism Forum said:

[] "celebrate the release of the cronophage and relative time onto the
unsuspecting citizens of Cambridge "
I'm not a native speaker of
English, so I might miss out some nuances here in the language, but the use of
the word "unsuspecting" made be react.

And YES that's a stinger on the
locusts tail.
Peg Carter answered:

I am native English speaker.

And certain that the use of "unsuspecting" is example of the "dry" sense of British humor. I am American and often do not find British sense of humor funny - but can definitely identify it.

I think there was a knowledge that the "conspiracy theorists" would be buzzing so the effort was to laugh it off. As the talking heads "speech leaders" did to the folks who questioned the particle accelerator?

from a security issue standpoint one should always pay attention to what is considered a joke. Often the unconscious mind will express itself my means of something that can be later deemed "just joking" by the speaker. People tell the truth thru means of "jokes"

So the clock was inaugurated, the clock which features technology which is top secret and unavailable to the public. Though the clock itself is put on display - i.e. right out in the open.

Next the clock is inaugurated, the world market and the particle accelerator collapse simultaneously.

Seems to me that the engineers who put together the particle accelerator would've known the amount of electricity they needed. Call me a conspiracy theorist, since I am, but excuse for the failure of the accelerator "cause a failure of electric grid in Switzerland" which cannot be fixed til the Spring? Since the Swiss use the electricity for heating? what were they gonna do if the machine went on board. Does it take more electiricity to get running and then just minor input to stay that way? Don't think so? H''mmm More research is needed here.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Order from Chaos?

"Ordo ab Chao, Unraveling Odin's Knot, HAARP"

How does order *arise?

Morphogenetic fields?

How do Morphogenetic fields relate to "witchcraft" "consciousness exercies" "mediation practices?" "Synchronicities?"

The 4 Buildings left at the Trade Tower correspondances

Mt. "Kailas"?

To call a Mountain "Mt Kailas" I always thought was silly. "Mt. Kailas" is a mythological mountain and apparently many mountains in the Himalayas are "Mt. Kailas." Reputedly. So I was told.

There is a similar phenomenon in NYC around "Ray's Pizza." There are at least 5 of them - under different owners. Each claiming to be the original. Two across the street from each other.

Turns out I am both right and wrong.

According to "Wikipaedia" there is a Mt. Kailas and it is located in the part of the Himalayas that is now "China."

31°4′0″N 81°18′45″E / 31.06667, 81.3125Coordinates: 31°4′0″N 81°18′45″E / 31.06667, 81.3125

If one can believe Wiki - the Mt. Kailas in erstwhile Tibet, or near that border, has never been attempted by mountaineers because of the reverance in which it is held by both Hindu and Buddhist?

There have been no recorded attempts to climb Mount Kailash; it is considered off limits to climbers in deference to Buddhist and Hindu beliefs. It is the most significant peak in the world that has not seen any known climbing attempts.

Shouldn't there be a "Kailas" in Kashmir?

My memory doesn't suck!:

"Mention has been made of Meru hill and Kashmir in the ‘Skanda Purana’, particularly in ‘Lakshmi Sahasranamavali’ composed by saint Sanatkumara (Lakshmi Sahasranamamulu, Edited by Peri Bhaskara Rao, Gollapudi Verera Swamy Son, Sri Seetarama Book Depot, Rajahmundry 533101, Andhra Pradesh,India). It has been described Kashmira pura (the city of Kashmir) is the abode while Meru and Vindhya hills etc remain the favorite places for the Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi. []

Both Meru and Kashmir have been mentioned in the epic. It is difficult to say the area of ancient Kashmira pura, a region in that period. Anyhow, the region retained the name Kashmir, though its area might have been reduced significantly. Possibility exists that Meru might be within the ancient Kashmir region in ‘puranic’ times "

Perhaps "K2" refers to "Kailas 2." Maybe there are "twin kailas?" One at the East and one at the West of the Himalyas?

N'ah...K2 just looks similar to the Matterhorn... Twins Not.

Memento Mori - Anamorphosis Movie Fakery?

"Black and White" Conspiracy

Refers to the thread on the Synchromystic Forum by the same name.

Lots of syncs for me in my home life with the Black / White issue.

And today is a "black / white" election day.

First a KKK member "Goran" tried to recruit people from our bicycle workshop for disadvantaged Brooklyn youth - predominately African-American descent, to a White Supremiscist rally. Last week some "Anarchist"-associated political activist(s?) tried to beat him up or threatened the same.

Here is a letter from Pilot, our house-mate from Zimbabawe, who is African and only been in the US for several months:

Last weekend, Goran had a bottle thrown at him and his bicycle was kicked while he rode off. In response to this incident, this letter was written by Pilot Dube, the Zimbabwean gentleman that has been living at Surreal Estate for the past five months who has become a friend of Goran. I would like all people involved with the Goran discussion to please read:

Dear sirs and madams,

I have noted the concerns of the cycle club regarding the past association of one Goran's association with some radical groups. Before I delve into that I wish all of us to reflect that we are products of the societies that we were not part to choose. Does any one care to reflect that even the names we have were probably given to us without our consent. The colour of our skins are even without our consent.

Our values and attitudes are shaped by the society that brought us into this earth. There is a story of a child that was brought up amongst apes. The result was the child behaved like apes until he was rehabilitated by humans. A child born into the mild of Iraq will be probably be a Muslim. We are Christians of our denominations not because of our choices but by the accident of where we were born. We are Americans because our parents were Americans. I deal with this back ground for us to reflect on ourselves and others.

Invariable some of us were fortunate to be born in societies that are considered by the civilized societies as liberal It is these societies that have shaped our values. Having been born in such societies it is our duty to impart these values on the unfortunate members of society. The question is how do we do it. I have referred to the case of a boy who was raised among apes. Humanity took its time to teach this boy the values of humanity.

I have alluded the fact I come from Africa. Goran also comes from Africa. He is a member of the group called Afrikaans. This is a white that came from Holland in 1650. The group had no supply links from Holland and had to learn to be tough to survive in the African environment. A race there was created of a tough Boer clan that had to be brutal to the African people. With time the Africans were subjugated and the Afrikaans started to industrialize South Africa and Namibia (where Goran was raised). They established a society based on the concept of apartheid (literally meaning separation of races). I imagine in this Goran was taught to hate Africans and the Europeans. There was virtue in subjugating any of these. I will come to the reasons of this attitude.

At the turn of the 1890's the Europeans were colonizing the continent of Africa and they found the Afrikaans already established. The Europeans had to displace Afrikaans and there was bloody wars. The Afrikaans were defeated and never forgave the Europeans for it up to this day. They remained in Africa as the British subjects but by the passage of time they started to re establish themselves through democratic processes. Now it was the white race against the African people. As if that is not enough in the 1960's the African nationalism was on the rise. The Africans fought for their independence and the Afrikaans were replaced by the Africans by 1990. They again felt bitter with the Africans and the Europeans who they accuse of being soft on Africans resulting in the takeover of the land they had developed since 1650.

Goran comes from such background. There as is always the case some members of that society which still harbours hatred for any body other than themselves. I have met Goran in USA as Africans we had to get along. I would understand him and he would understand me. He is a nice fellow and needs every body's acceptance. There is no threat to security to anybody by associating with him.

For starters this is an alien society for him and he can not mobilize anybody to carry out his unfounded extremist views. For him to do any harm he needs to go to Africa and team up with the fellow Afrikaans.

Does it therefor not occur to you that by coming to the USA Goran is akin to be in rehabilitation centre. I think America has done a wonderful job and he is changed man and quite cheerful for that matter. Shunning him as is proposed by the members of the club does not change his ideas. What changes is your acceptance of him among your ranks. Even giving him executive duties will make him a changed man. A privileged group like yours which fails to rehabilitate an individual who has been unfortunate to be born in a different environment is no better than Goran himself. After all are we all clean. We are probably in our small ways members of some bad organizations such as drug cartels, bad company of thieves or robbers. Let us then think on the log in our eyes before we see a speck in Goran's eye.

The limit of time prevents me from exhausting this issue to its logical conclusion but hope with this contribution your organization shall not persecute a member of this society whose probable crime is that he was at one time a member of a club(s) which you all know were discredited by the American. Does it occur to you that the KKK was not formed by Goran but the Americans who prayed on a new immigrant and coerced him into membership - my question is what are doing or have you done to all the Americans who were involved in the KKK.

My comments were not solicitated by any one.



Second incident:

Housemate, member of incipient collective, Sean, felt unsafe and the receiver of rascism "dis" in the household. She would not tell us what. She did not feel safe enough to do so. She broke down and cried at our house meeting. She is being coached, IMO, by fellow - activist freegan, Adam Weissman, since many things she said to me were verbatim of what I listen to constantly from Adam. But of course, IMO, the core of her feelings is what is real.

Adam hates our collective and wants it to be destroyed. He thinks we are the forefront of "gentrification" and that we are gaining what we have as a result of the suffering of others, less fortunate, who are not "white" and privileged.

We are having a discussion on this now which I will link to soon.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"They Live"

Spirit of rebeliion has been mis-used and diverted.

"Look no further than your own Tv"

"'They'" have taken the hearts and minds of our leaders.
They have blinded us to the Truth.
Why do we worship 'Satan?'
From birth to death our owners have us.
they owe us."

Monday, October 27, 2008

The "Perfect" Door

In Honor of "Day of the Dead" November 1st


Diwali, October 28th

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thursday, October 9, 2008

"Synchro-Animism" or "Synchro-Spirituality?"

What's wrong with just plain "synchronicity?"

I wanted to post on the Rigouous Intuition - but somehow never received my acceptence onto the board?

The smearing of Jake by "Goro" is ridiculous. I think Jake's very talented, gifted, with whatever it is that gives one the ability to pick out snycs without going insane, overboard, on it.

Perhaps he has to avoid the actual meanings - beside the most transcendental one, because he needs to keep his health. That is totally understandable. Just putting words in his mouth - excuses , but I hadn't read the really hateful stuff against him until yesterday. And absolutely didn't want to pile on with the Jake haters. What Jake does seems totally different than what "Goro" does. And one reason I never subscribed or looked at Goro's site was because I didn't want to be accused of "ripping off" his ideas, if I happened to see the same thing or things Goro saw.

Movie issue: the observaton that movies can influence one's bio-energies is very noteworthy. Thank you for that Aeolus.

However, I feel the "adept" can read *anything. My friend, Laurence Lyons, is awesome in reading the English language. (author of the "Language Crystal" and other books ) He's in the "synchro-animist" or "synchro-spiritualist" camp, though it was never labled such nor did he know that. I met a man years ago, the son of a famous Israel sculptor, who was *UNBELIEVABLE in reading geometries, number, and the letters of the Hebrew in the "5 Books of Moses." That-one flirted with illness. The intensites can be so strong that your mind can just be ripped - I assume. Hence the proscription against studying "Kabballah" before one turns 40 (and has presumably lived a good enough life and can therefore face the danger inherant in it.)

"Goro" strikes me as the typical "No Planes" 9/11 researcher - though that is not his field - bad temper.

Hey, "Goro"'s doing a good job! I'm not going to criticize him either. His temperment reminds me very much of Gerard Holmgren. Yes, the best. Yes, angry when his research is mis-used by those who could've never originated it themselves. Yes, withholding his own important contributions out of spite for the misuse and misunderstanding, and inability of others to actually fully appreciate and accept his work on its own very exact terms.

I will be glad when the "synchromysticism" message board goes back up. The small group on there has been hacked twice. The last one with a Turkish banner sig. (Is "Goro" Turkish, by chance? ;) ) There seems to be a greatness in the group that does not appear from one individual alone. :)

As far as the "insertion" of the syncs into the cinema forms. I'm presently in the camp, if my understanding is correct, with Jake K., who believe that the syncs are definitley not deliberate nor placed there by super-beings or adepts. There are other things going on in the creation of the film "art," but the syncs, and a given person's relationship with them (granted as a result of talent), is, IMO, an "unintended consequence." They are expressions of the "group mind", "action at a distance," the superintelligent and powerful "shakti." IMO

"Somanath" the Moon. Said to have been cursed by "Jupiter" since he was not faithfull to Jupiter's daughter/wife, by whom the child Mercury/Budha was born.

Turns out Mercury and Moon are twin planets!


According to Humint:
"They are cosmological twins!


The two bodies are even fairly close in size.

I thought Mercury was supposed to be covered with molten rock on the surface from being close to the sun (what I learned in school a long time ago). But the craters here are identical to the Moon craters? and why are the craters always perfectly round-- implying a straight vertical impact?

Wiki article on Mercury.

Possible explanations for the similarity between Mercury and the Moon:
1) NASA is faking the photos
2) Mercury and the Moon were constructed by the same beings
3) Mercury and the Moon had similar physical origins and exposure to asteroids-- and somehow ended up in very different places in the Solar system"

I left the "cult" I was in

and never anticipated ... what I would eventually "get" from the "synchromystic" study. So far, it's not *owned.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

From "Stormy Weather" Blog

Response to "Stormy Weather" blog article on Jake Kotze interview/podcast.

"Truth is Comfort? Lies are Worse"

I became very "allergic" to the "Everything is One, "We" can safely ignore the politics, please" after living almost twenty years in and around an Ashram.

My guru, Swami Muktananda, told a story about a blissed-out fellow who ignored a rampaging elephant. The young man had been put into the state-of-bliss from the teaching "Thou art That."

After he was thrashed by the elephant the man exclaimed, "But I was told 'All is the Absolute'" The answer was: "Yes, it is. And so were the people who were shouting to you to get out of the way."


"Conspiracy theorists" make a tempting target - since the culture-at-large is coached to despise and belittle them. Don't you think Jake K. should take "higher consciousness" and "peacefullness" a step further and stop referring, in print, to "conspiracy whackos."?

Aren't *people-who-know-the-truth - or are much closer to it than the "mainstream," deserving better treatment?

Isn't that a spiritual arrogance? To have the attitude: "I am above all that, since I know the truth." "Nobody bother my *bliss, please?" "Please don't bother my bliss with inconvient facts."?

Shouldn't one use *bliss and synchromystical attunement to help one get through ... what are obviously horrendous times? - not as a vehicle of escape or denial?

(which I think is what "stormy weather" said more politely than I was able)

When Kotze starts talks about the "Mega-ritual," as if it's the greatest thing *ever to happen to the human race, I start to feel as though someone just slipped a bucket of maggots down my back i.e. seriously creeped out.

Yes, that is *my *own *problem. As "spiritual" people are wont to point out.

I was around people for *years who, if one criticized anything or complained, it was then considered a "faux pas" and "not getting it"

It just became New Age Fascism, a way to insure power structures were left unchallenged and a dead end street: stultifying and boring. The ultimate "cult" teaches you to control your own thoughts to avoid "negativity."

Sunday, September 7, 2008

7/ 7 Compilation

Monday, July 28, 2008

Stunning Hoax

Reading a book called "Stellar Theology and Masonic Astronomy" by Robert Hewitt Brown:

Book is re-printed by Jordan Maxwell and was originally published in the late 19th c. I've only skimmed.

What i read randomly in it so far, while I could:

The ancient "Masons" were scientists who kept their knowledge only available to initiates in order to dupe people who were not in their clique. They had to be in charge of the building-forms both to keep track astronomically - they used the buildings for this, but also to organize ceremonies, through careful design of the buildings, in which the public would be stunned, amazed and controlled and convinced of things that were not true, through religion or cults.

Goro Adachi points to two links RE: the plane which developed a hole, apparently causeless on his site,   


Yesterday, July 25th, Ace Baker uploaded an analysis of the CNN "exclusive" "Ghostplane" footage which received ~13K hits plus in one day, on his own channel - but was also mirrored, I believe.

Theory of a Ghostplane

This is the jist of my comment on the Airplane hole to the Beeb (one of the articles Goro cited solicited comments):

The Mass Media (notice the word "Mass." I found out from this book that the word "mass" is thought to be etymologically related to "mason.") are lying about the things which are most important. (Uncritical issues can be related somewhat truthfully. After all, they *have to have *some material)

An airplane is so frail it can develop a hole, with a cause missing, that is, with no one knowing why.

Yet, on Sept. 11, 2001 if one is to believe the "exclusive" "amateur" video released by major news organs - a "plane" flew unimpeded through the exterior of a steel shrouded Tower. Nothing broke off, as it entered the building, without slowing down. The "airplane" did not explode until it was inside.

I met Ace last year in WI, for the conference on controversial 9/11 research, where he gave an awesome analysis of the "nose-out" Fox 5 "live" footage.

I am gratified Baker has turned his attention to the Hezarkhani "Ghostplane" exclusive shot ("not live"). I did my own original research on the line-of-sight for the Hezarkani. My research was not conclusive, yet extremely suggestive. The fabrication of the shot is proved other ways.

"Overlay" Comparison
Whitehall Building seen from Battery Park

The "plane" just sails through the wall. Meanwhile, other commercial liners just fall apart, in the skies, for nothing.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Joker/Ledger/Crow Sync Report, Commentary

Comments I made on

Synchromystical Forum,

based on a report of Marita of South Africa, a correspondant with Chris Knowles - comic book commentator and synchromystical analyst, scribe of the blog, "The Secret Sun."

Marita's report, parked on one of my Web-Net blog sites, "So What? - Swa Ha"

Dedroidify's version is not to miss. Go there.

After looking at Marita's "Joker/Ledger/Crow Sync Report" :

1. Joker's mouth looks like gash in side of Tower, [alleged planehole]

2. "Ledger" refers to the ledger of Justice, balance of scales, near to the constellation "Virgo," which, from what I understand, is toward the direction of the closest Super Galactic Center, the "Virgo Super Cluster."

The souls of the murdered will not have peace until justice will come.

3. The Clown and the Fool images refer to the "revelation of the method" to the victim regarding his or her subjugation. The Clown is mind-control - the victim is made to feel stupid and wrong if he/she is not happy.

"Why So Serious?"

(Promotional artifact for the "Dark Knight" movie)

And in that way control is maintained and repression of criticism is established.

The perpetrators want to reveal to the victim what they do, and be admired and loved for it.

The fool is the hanged man, the sacrificial victim, the sub[missive]. The sadist prefers a "victim" type - because "it" doesn't get as excited or "turned-on" by a "fighter-back."

The top military strategists are trained to, first of all, subjugate mentally. According to the famous Chinese military strategist, Lao Tzu, who is named, by tradition, the author of the aphorisms which make up the "Art of War," which is studied to this day, though written allegedly thousands of years ago... [to paraphrase]...

~"If you an arrange things so you do not have to fight, that is the best situation."

The publicly stated top priority of the modern military is information control. The fool is the victim/public.

And also the whole thing is a big joke to the perps since they are sick psychopathic filthy monkeys. (No, actually they give filth a bad name.)

"Revelation of the method" means they like to get the permission of the victim - that's why their stupid plot is so transparent.

They "reveal the method", show their hand, do what they do openly and then when they destroy and subjugate their victim, it will be, "They are so stupid, they deserve it."

Can't say more without actually watching the movies:

"Dark Knight"
"Brother's Grimm"
"The Order"
"Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus"

Marita's work is fertile ground for more thought.

Monday, July 14, 2008

"See the Great White Scar. Over Battery Park"

By reading the book, "Liberty St." and specifically, the interview with "Tex" Mccrary, I discovered the Whitehall Bld. was corporate headquarters for the oil company, Texaco. Interviewed in December 001, Tex was very exited by the prospect of rebuilding downtown and felt this was a "new start for America"

See the great white scar
Over Battery Park
Then a flare glides over
But I won't look at that scar
Oh, my nuclear baby
Oh, my idiot trance
All my idiot questions
Let's face the music and dance

Don't ever say I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready
I'll never say I'm better, I'm better, I'm better

All the corners of the buildings
Who but we remember these?
The sidewalks and trees
I'm thinking now
I got a better way
I discovered a star
I got a better way
Ready, set, go
I got a better way
A new killer star

See my life in a comic
Like the way they did the Bible
With the bubbles and action
The little details in colour
First a horseback bomber
Just a small thin chance
Like seeing Jesus on Dateline
Let's face the music and dance
Don't ever say I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready
I'll never said I'm better, I'm better, I'm better

Fakery is Fake

Mr. Hezarkhani will not dislose shot location.

"They were rewinding the tape"
"Apparently taken from Battery Park"
"Something in the psyhe changing this day"
"Weather you re an eyewitness.....or seeing it from a satellite.."
"What were the people in the plane [si] going through?"
"Nothing more to say."

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Orange Triangle


The Phoenix TV series

By David Pescovitz on Video

Thephoenixscotttt The Phoenix was a short-lived 1982 TV series starring Judson Scott as an ancient astronaut named Bennu of the Golden Light. Extraterrestrials had left Bennu behind as a "gift to mankind" but he was woken too early and didn't know his mission on Earth. The show was kind of a cross between The Incredible Hulk and Erich Von Daniken's Chariots of the Gods Around 1982, I was really into both of those, so it's no surprise I thought The Phoenix was a real gas. Here's the opening sequence. The Phoenix (YouTube)

I'm not sure what "Orange" means in this context but Obama is supposed to be "gay" and I think a triangle represents that.

Isn't Obama somehow connected with a Phoenix?


Correct me if I'm wrong, please?

I found this on the blog "Boing Boing"
By David Pescovitz on Video


[url=]The Phoenix[/url] was a short-lived 1982 TV series starring Judson Scott as an ancient astronaut named Bennu of the Golden Light. Extraterrestrials had left Bennu behind as a "gift to mankind" but he was woken too early and didn't know his mission on Earth. The show was kind of a cross between "The Incredible Hulk" and Erich Von Daniken's "Chariots of the Gods"

The Phoenix

I'm not sure what "Orange" means in this context but Obama is supposed to be "gay" and I think a triangle represents that? The "orange" must represent the Sun here since Bennu is explicitly a solar deity "he draws his energy from the Sun."



((Oh that's right , it was a [i]pink[/i] ray of light Philip K. Dick associated with his revelation experience) Or does it have to be pink to represent a person who is "gay?" I know "rainbow" is a symbol of being "Lesbian, Bisexual, Transsexual, or Gay." )

This vid is by my friend, "ORyanObama08." (Ryan and the person who gave him that "handle" are decidedly *not* into synchronicity. Ryan is agnostic on the question, as far as I know, and just wants to get enough money together to get back into Columbia [University]. :!: Ryan's YouTube name was not created to have synchronicity significance, but to be humorous. He and Nico do theater actions around the "big lie hole," aka "ground zero." Nico thinks all the syncs around "9/11" are caused because " "MIT" wrote the script" and are using him as a "perp toy." )

The preacher who is sampled in Ryan's clip is referring to a Press conference held recently where a male whore, Larry Sinclair, [url=]describes his experiences with Obama.[/url] After his presentation Sinclair was [url=]taken into custody by Federal Marshall.[/url] [url=]Released on the 23rd.[/url] "Apparently, the "fugitive warrant" used was not really issued from Delaware. But rather the "fugitive warrant" was fabricated in DC -- perhaps likely by the US Attorney's office. This of course suggests high level political corruption."

It appears to me that at the end of the TV show clip, way above now, that the Eagle/"Phoenix" Medallion morphs into a Scarecrow/Joker kind of image"


"D-pendant on the Sun" is spoken, just as the visual shows the Gold perfectly circular pendant around Bennu [Judson Scott] 's neck.

"Mira" is the male lead, Bennu's, female interest. "For only *she* knows his mission on Earth." The show is about Bennu searching for Mira.

[url=]"Mira"[/url] is a Hindu female saint who worshiped "Giridhara Nagara" who she also called "Shyam" after the color of his skin, allegedly dark blue. The word also means "dark."

("Nagara" refers to the notion that the G-d resides on a snake. "Nagar" is a snake. And "Nagara," can be one of the Celestial snakes, a snake king.)

"Shyam / Sundar" is an exact name [for G-d] used in the poetry/songs she wrote." "Sundar" means "beautiful"

So 'Shyam" means dark god.


"Shyam Sundar" - is the Director of the Building and Fire Research Laboratory of NIST - the private company which got the contract to investigate the destruction of the World Trade complex on Sept. 11th., who is trained not in engineering, but in accounting. He decided what the investigation would focus upon.

I spoke up at a public hearing in NYC a few years ago and told him to his face, "I do not believe you are in good faith." He looked back at me with hatred in his eyes. At the time, I did not realize he was not a scientist.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

"Suckers, It's a Lie, not "Ali!"

From answer in the comments section of
The Secret Sun

John Cusick, Super-star Lord of the Skies

Mr. Bilgani! There's is no evidence that any "planes hit."


September Clues 1

Check out September Clues 1 - 8, One through Eight, Please.

9/11 Taboo

One thru Four.

Discrepancies between footage:

One among many examples of the same.

We've proved it so many ways, it's boring.

The only reason people cannot see it, and don't know it, is:

1. You cannot combat an illogical belief with logic.

2. People will "see" something if they believe it is there.

3.Perhaps the majority just don't have the neurological wiring/juice/perception power to come to the obvious logical conclusion?

(Sometimes "beings" will see something, if they believe in it, even when it is not there:


And conversely, will not grasp the truth of something, if they do not believe in it.

It's called a ruse, a false gesture, a false-flag operation and a fake-out.

In this case the non-fictional event included Mass Media deception/ probable psychological operation test, a la the Orson Wells' "War of the Worlds" radio broadcast.

Except here... and I can justifiably assume that the previous tests of the ability to get away with this genre of fraud proved so successful, it was deemed "O.K." to outright murder, with very little cover (the job itself was not technically well-done - yet, obviously, adequate) and with total impunity.

The cover of "incompetence" is a total joke.

If someone leaves the evidence right out in the open, and no one calls attention to it raising a hue and cry, that does not prove that the perpetrators are innocent. It only proves the subconscious collusion of those who argue, "If 'they' really did it, why would they be so stupid as to openly leave evidence, blatant trails and gross inconsistencies such as "X," "Y," "Z" and/or any number of obvious flaws in the cover story" (which cover-up is, BTW, layered like an onion.)

"Do people know why they should not trust something which displays blatant inconsistencies?"


The fact that their whole story does not make sense does not prove their innocence!

To explain my use of "their":

Quoting a researcher: "This was not a Quintet. This was not a Quartet. This was an Orchestra!"

Back to Synchromysticism:

The number of my building is "22" and the Apt. is in a similar location to the location shot for one of the "Time Machine" movies.

( this was brought to my mind by when I mentioned here Orson Wells / H.G. Wells).

It appeared to me, when I watched the "Time Machine" movie (2002), that I myself was living in the exact location of the time traveler's townhouse, for the 19th c. bits!

The Central Park bits were shot very close to my actual location.

And then, for the 21st c. or beyond, it was switched to about a block or two away. That's for where the scenes are of storm troopers, in black riot outfits, who come to get the Protagonist. Obviously from a time of martial law/ totalitarianism.

I am reading: "Einstein: A Stubbornly Persistent Illusion: The Essential Works of the World's Greatest Physicist" edited by Stephen Hawking.

(Einstein: One Stone)
Hawking: Horus allusion? Just occurred to me...

...when I thought about wanting to quote what Einstein wrote about time:

~"Time is defined by simultaneity."

There is no "external" time, outside of particular simultaneous events.)

As far as Horus, and how that motif relates to my location:

There is a "Pale Male" hawk that lives near here. People watch him from the Park. On Sept. 1 or 2nd , last year, my friend, who lives with his identical twin brother, saw a very large bird (which I Id-ed later as a kind of Hawk) 18" tall, (I measured and calculated from the picture later), sitting on the fire escape rail outside my friend's apt. The bird faced into my friend's room and stayed perched there over night. Rob's dog was lying in view from outside the window, where the bird could see in and "watch over," if it cared to. The dog died that night. Rob saw the bird there when he said good-night to "Doodle" and when he came back in the morn to find her dead.

My friend took a picture of the bird the next morning before it flew away, right at the moment.

If you walk up the street from here, also, you will see the carving representation of the Hawk-headed god, at the Met. The stone depiction, with a head-dress though, looks just like the actual resident near-by, Pale Male.

This pic is not of the one I'm thinking of, but is similar.

I believe the visitor bird, outside my neighbor's window, was an un-specified variety of Hawk. But now that I'm looking at the pic again I am thinking the mottled affect on the front breast looks like a falcon.

I have the pic, albeit blurry, and can scan and post if anyone is interested.
It *does* look like "Pale Male" as depicted in this photo. I think the feathers gwt ruffled up to fight against the cold.

Above the doorway, on the lintel or piece across the top of the door into the "Temple of Death" from Egypt - at the Metropolitan Museum up the street, is a carving that resembles the insignia on Nazi medals/uniforms.

This piece across the top of the door depicts the underside of the flying predatory bird, ver reminescent of the wing span spread here:

This is a pic taken near Central Park and thought to be some relative of "Pale Male." In the carving above the door, the feathers are carved very specifically and well.

This picture doesn't do it justice.

As far as the letters "A & Li"...over the Towers, in the Cusack movie:

The "A" seems in a different type face, or is not script. The size appears different to me, out of sync with the rest of the lettering.

The plane-shaped hole, alleged to have been created by the "first hit," was on the North side of the North tower, and was above the location of the "a" letter, as shown in the pic from the Cusack movie (said pic is taken from a southerly vantage). The plane-shaped hole was on the opposite side of that Tower.

The "L I," appears in the Cusack credits on the South Tower, at approx. the location of the explosion and the appearance of the plane-shaped hole on the South Tower.

Yea suckers, it's a "LIE" not "ALI!"

An interesting 'synchromystical' movie, to me, was "Drawing Restraint 9" by Matthew Barney featuring himself and his wife, Bjork.

Drawing Restraint 9

There is a giant "art object" on the deck of a vessel. It's an extravagant blob and is cut-up over the course of the movie. It's an enormous layered Vaseline blob, treated with amazing respect and resources, on the deck of an authentic, extravagant (and authentically criminal, under International Law) Japanese whaling vessel.

The movie portrays some kind of creepy (IMO) variation of a traditional marriage ritual, kinky for sure, and at some sort of "climax" Bjork and Barney cut-off the flesh from each other's legs, while immersed in a pool, and feed back to each other bits of their own leg flesh. (S & M erotic.)

Then, their lower bodies, hacked clean, metamorphose to fish tails. The couple apparently change into unspecified underwater animals (I'm assuming whales) and swim away together. (As though: in another Aeon).

After that, the movie ends with a pan, zoom-out showing this unbelievably large whaling vessel (probably taken from a helicopter !), as it sails-by gigantic melting ice floes.

That gives a feeling of large scale time and geological durations.

I noticed the resemblance between the krill at the bottom of Bjork's site dedcated to Drawing Restraint 9 and a pic I had on my hard-drive of Horus.

Horus Krill

An OZ-syncing pic from the not often screened, but frighteningly powerful, Art Piece Movie:

"Drawing Restraint 9":

Date of Premiere
September 2nd.

Shoes she wore to it:

The perception issue (or lack of it, as the case may more likely be) is an "OZ sync" itself:

"Do the Lion, Tin Man, Scarecrow and Dorothy get, what they don't initially think they have, simply through belief?"


"Is the mystery involved in 'getting' those qualities, "experiences" and strengths, which can only be obtained from within yourself, and which no one can directly give you, intimately related to the authority of consciousness?"


Saturday, February 16, 2008

Black Hole Sun

Think this has something to do with images noted in other writings re: Synchronmysticism

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