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Monday, July 28, 2008

Stunning Hoax

Reading a book called "Stellar Theology and Masonic Astronomy" by Robert Hewitt Brown:

Book is re-printed by Jordan Maxwell and was originally published in the late 19th c. I've only skimmed.

What i read randomly in it so far, while I could:

The ancient "Masons" were scientists who kept their knowledge only available to initiates in order to dupe people who were not in their clique. They had to be in charge of the building-forms both to keep track astronomically - they used the buildings for this, but also to organize ceremonies, through careful design of the buildings, in which the public would be stunned, amazed and controlled and convinced of things that were not true, through religion or cults.

Goro Adachi points to two links RE: the plane which developed a hole, apparently causeless on his site,   


Yesterday, July 25th, Ace Baker uploaded an analysis of the CNN "exclusive" "Ghostplane" footage which received ~13K hits plus in one day, on his own channel - but was also mirrored, I believe.

Theory of a Ghostplane

This is the jist of my comment on the Airplane hole to the Beeb (one of the articles Goro cited solicited comments):

The Mass Media (notice the word "Mass." I found out from this book that the word "mass" is thought to be etymologically related to "mason.") are lying about the things which are most important. (Uncritical issues can be related somewhat truthfully. After all, they *have to have *some material)

An airplane is so frail it can develop a hole, with a cause missing, that is, with no one knowing why.

Yet, on Sept. 11, 2001 if one is to believe the "exclusive" "amateur" video released by major news organs - a "plane" flew unimpeded through the exterior of a steel shrouded Tower. Nothing broke off, as it entered the building, without slowing down. The "airplane" did not explode until it was inside.

I met Ace last year in WI, for the conference on controversial 9/11 research, where he gave an awesome analysis of the "nose-out" Fox 5 "live" footage.

I am gratified Baker has turned his attention to the Hezarkhani "Ghostplane" exclusive shot ("not live"). I did my own original research on the line-of-sight for the Hezarkani. My research was not conclusive, yet extremely suggestive. The fabrication of the shot is proved other ways.

"Overlay" Comparison
Whitehall Building seen from Battery Park

The "plane" just sails through the wall. Meanwhile, other commercial liners just fall apart, in the skies, for nothing.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Joker/Ledger/Crow Sync Report, Commentary

Comments I made on

Synchromystical Forum,

based on a report of Marita of South Africa, a correspondant with Chris Knowles - comic book commentator and synchromystical analyst, scribe of the blog, "The Secret Sun."

Marita's report, parked on one of my Web-Net blog sites, "So What? - Swa Ha"

Dedroidify's version is not to miss. Go there.

After looking at Marita's "Joker/Ledger/Crow Sync Report" :

1. Joker's mouth looks like gash in side of Tower, [alleged planehole]

2. "Ledger" refers to the ledger of Justice, balance of scales, near to the constellation "Virgo," which, from what I understand, is toward the direction of the closest Super Galactic Center, the "Virgo Super Cluster."

The souls of the murdered will not have peace until justice will come.

3. The Clown and the Fool images refer to the "revelation of the method" to the victim regarding his or her subjugation. The Clown is mind-control - the victim is made to feel stupid and wrong if he/she is not happy.

"Why So Serious?"

(Promotional artifact for the "Dark Knight" movie)

And in that way control is maintained and repression of criticism is established.

The perpetrators want to reveal to the victim what they do, and be admired and loved for it.

The fool is the hanged man, the sacrificial victim, the sub[missive]. The sadist prefers a "victim" type - because "it" doesn't get as excited or "turned-on" by a "fighter-back."

The top military strategists are trained to, first of all, subjugate mentally. According to the famous Chinese military strategist, Lao Tzu, who is named, by tradition, the author of the aphorisms which make up the "Art of War," which is studied to this day, though written allegedly thousands of years ago... [to paraphrase]...

~"If you an arrange things so you do not have to fight, that is the best situation."

The publicly stated top priority of the modern military is information control. The fool is the victim/public.

And also the whole thing is a big joke to the perps since they are sick psychopathic filthy monkeys. (No, actually they give filth a bad name.)

"Revelation of the method" means they like to get the permission of the victim - that's why their stupid plot is so transparent.

They "reveal the method", show their hand, do what they do openly and then when they destroy and subjugate their victim, it will be, "They are so stupid, they deserve it."

Can't say more without actually watching the movies:

"Dark Knight"
"Brother's Grimm"
"The Order"
"Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus"

Marita's work is fertile ground for more thought.

Monday, July 14, 2008

"See the Great White Scar. Over Battery Park"

By reading the book, "Liberty St." and specifically, the interview with "Tex" Mccrary, I discovered the Whitehall Bld. was corporate headquarters for the oil company, Texaco. Interviewed in December 001, Tex was very exited by the prospect of rebuilding downtown and felt this was a "new start for America"

See the great white scar
Over Battery Park
Then a flare glides over
But I won't look at that scar
Oh, my nuclear baby
Oh, my idiot trance
All my idiot questions
Let's face the music and dance

Don't ever say I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready
I'll never say I'm better, I'm better, I'm better

All the corners of the buildings
Who but we remember these?
The sidewalks and trees
I'm thinking now
I got a better way
I discovered a star
I got a better way
Ready, set, go
I got a better way
A new killer star

See my life in a comic
Like the way they did the Bible
With the bubbles and action
The little details in colour
First a horseback bomber
Just a small thin chance
Like seeing Jesus on Dateline
Let's face the music and dance
Don't ever say I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm ready
I'll never said I'm better, I'm better, I'm better

Fakery is Fake

Mr. Hezarkhani will not dislose shot location.

"They were rewinding the tape"
"Apparently taken from Battery Park"
"Something in the psyhe changing this day"
"Weather you re an eyewitness.....or seeing it from a satellite.."
"What were the people in the plane [si] going through?"
"Nothing more to say."

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Orange Triangle


The Phoenix TV series

By David Pescovitz on Video

Thephoenixscotttt The Phoenix was a short-lived 1982 TV series starring Judson Scott as an ancient astronaut named Bennu of the Golden Light. Extraterrestrials had left Bennu behind as a "gift to mankind" but he was woken too early and didn't know his mission on Earth. The show was kind of a cross between The Incredible Hulk and Erich Von Daniken's Chariots of the Gods Around 1982, I was really into both of those, so it's no surprise I thought The Phoenix was a real gas. Here's the opening sequence. The Phoenix (YouTube)

I'm not sure what "Orange" means in this context but Obama is supposed to be "gay" and I think a triangle represents that.

Isn't Obama somehow connected with a Phoenix?


Correct me if I'm wrong, please?

I found this on the blog "Boing Boing"
By David Pescovitz on Video


[url=]The Phoenix[/url] was a short-lived 1982 TV series starring Judson Scott as an ancient astronaut named Bennu of the Golden Light. Extraterrestrials had left Bennu behind as a "gift to mankind" but he was woken too early and didn't know his mission on Earth. The show was kind of a cross between "The Incredible Hulk" and Erich Von Daniken's "Chariots of the Gods"

The Phoenix

I'm not sure what "Orange" means in this context but Obama is supposed to be "gay" and I think a triangle represents that? The "orange" must represent the Sun here since Bennu is explicitly a solar deity "he draws his energy from the Sun."



((Oh that's right , it was a [i]pink[/i] ray of light Philip K. Dick associated with his revelation experience) Or does it have to be pink to represent a person who is "gay?" I know "rainbow" is a symbol of being "Lesbian, Bisexual, Transsexual, or Gay." )

This vid is by my friend, "ORyanObama08." (Ryan and the person who gave him that "handle" are decidedly *not* into synchronicity. Ryan is agnostic on the question, as far as I know, and just wants to get enough money together to get back into Columbia [University]. :!: Ryan's YouTube name was not created to have synchronicity significance, but to be humorous. He and Nico do theater actions around the "big lie hole," aka "ground zero." Nico thinks all the syncs around "9/11" are caused because " "MIT" wrote the script" and are using him as a "perp toy." )

The preacher who is sampled in Ryan's clip is referring to a Press conference held recently where a male whore, Larry Sinclair, [url=]describes his experiences with Obama.[/url] After his presentation Sinclair was [url=]taken into custody by Federal Marshall.[/url] [url=]Released on the 23rd.[/url] "Apparently, the "fugitive warrant" used was not really issued from Delaware. But rather the "fugitive warrant" was fabricated in DC -- perhaps likely by the US Attorney's office. This of course suggests high level political corruption."

It appears to me that at the end of the TV show clip, way above now, that the Eagle/"Phoenix" Medallion morphs into a Scarecrow/Joker kind of image"


"D-pendant on the Sun" is spoken, just as the visual shows the Gold perfectly circular pendant around Bennu [Judson Scott] 's neck.

"Mira" is the male lead, Bennu's, female interest. "For only *she* knows his mission on Earth." The show is about Bennu searching for Mira.

[url=]"Mira"[/url] is a Hindu female saint who worshiped "Giridhara Nagara" who she also called "Shyam" after the color of his skin, allegedly dark blue. The word also means "dark."

("Nagara" refers to the notion that the G-d resides on a snake. "Nagar" is a snake. And "Nagara," can be one of the Celestial snakes, a snake king.)

"Shyam / Sundar" is an exact name [for G-d] used in the poetry/songs she wrote." "Sundar" means "beautiful"

So 'Shyam" means dark god.


"Shyam Sundar" - is the Director of the Building and Fire Research Laboratory of NIST - the private company which got the contract to investigate the destruction of the World Trade complex on Sept. 11th., who is trained not in engineering, but in accounting. He decided what the investigation would focus upon.

I spoke up at a public hearing in NYC a few years ago and told him to his face, "I do not believe you are in good faith." He looked back at me with hatred in his eyes. At the time, I did not realize he was not a scientist.