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Monday, July 28, 2008

Stunning Hoax

Reading a book called "Stellar Theology and Masonic Astronomy" by Robert Hewitt Brown:

Book is re-printed by Jordan Maxwell and was originally published in the late 19th c. I've only skimmed.

What i read randomly in it so far, while I could:

The ancient "Masons" were scientists who kept their knowledge only available to initiates in order to dupe people who were not in their clique. They had to be in charge of the building-forms both to keep track astronomically - they used the buildings for this, but also to organize ceremonies, through careful design of the buildings, in which the public would be stunned, amazed and controlled and convinced of things that were not true, through religion or cults.

Goro Adachi points to two links RE: the plane which developed a hole, apparently causeless on his site,   


Yesterday, July 25th, Ace Baker uploaded an analysis of the CNN "exclusive" "Ghostplane" footage which received ~13K hits plus in one day, on his own channel - but was also mirrored, I believe.

Theory of a Ghostplane

This is the jist of my comment on the Airplane hole to the Beeb (one of the articles Goro cited solicited comments):

The Mass Media (notice the word "Mass." I found out from this book that the word "mass" is thought to be etymologically related to "mason.") are lying about the things which are most important. (Uncritical issues can be related somewhat truthfully. After all, they *have to have *some material)

An airplane is so frail it can develop a hole, with a cause missing, that is, with no one knowing why.

Yet, on Sept. 11, 2001 if one is to believe the "exclusive" "amateur" video released by major news organs - a "plane" flew unimpeded through the exterior of a steel shrouded Tower. Nothing broke off, as it entered the building, without slowing down. The "airplane" did not explode until it was inside.

I met Ace last year in WI, for the conference on controversial 9/11 research, where he gave an awesome analysis of the "nose-out" Fox 5 "live" footage.

I am gratified Baker has turned his attention to the Hezarkhani "Ghostplane" exclusive shot ("not live"). I did my own original research on the line-of-sight for the Hezarkani. My research was not conclusive, yet extremely suggestive. The fabrication of the shot is proved other ways.

"Overlay" Comparison
Whitehall Building seen from Battery Park

The "plane" just sails through the wall. Meanwhile, other commercial liners just fall apart, in the skies, for nothing.

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