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Saturday, October 4, 2008

From "Stormy Weather" Blog

Response to "Stormy Weather" blog article on Jake Kotze interview/podcast.

"Truth is Comfort? Lies are Worse"

I became very "allergic" to the "Everything is One, "We" can safely ignore the politics, please" after living almost twenty years in and around an Ashram.

My guru, Swami Muktananda, told a story about a blissed-out fellow who ignored a rampaging elephant. The young man had been put into the state-of-bliss from the teaching "Thou art That."

After he was thrashed by the elephant the man exclaimed, "But I was told 'All is the Absolute'" The answer was: "Yes, it is. And so were the people who were shouting to you to get out of the way."


"Conspiracy theorists" make a tempting target - since the culture-at-large is coached to despise and belittle them. Don't you think Jake K. should take "higher consciousness" and "peacefullness" a step further and stop referring, in print, to "conspiracy whackos."?

Aren't *people-who-know-the-truth - or are much closer to it than the "mainstream," deserving better treatment?

Isn't that a spiritual arrogance? To have the attitude: "I am above all that, since I know the truth." "Nobody bother my *bliss, please?" "Please don't bother my bliss with inconvient facts."?

Shouldn't one use *bliss and synchromystical attunement to help one get through ... what are obviously horrendous times? - not as a vehicle of escape or denial?

(which I think is what "stormy weather" said more politely than I was able)

When Kotze starts talks about the "Mega-ritual," as if it's the greatest thing *ever to happen to the human race, I start to feel as though someone just slipped a bucket of maggots down my back i.e. seriously creeped out.

Yes, that is *my *own *problem. As "spiritual" people are wont to point out.

I was around people for *years who, if one criticized anything or complained, it was then considered a "faux pas" and "not getting it"

It just became New Age Fascism, a way to insure power structures were left unchallenged and a dead end street: stultifying and boring. The ultimate "cult" teaches you to control your own thoughts to avoid "negativity."

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