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Thursday, October 9, 2008

"Synchro-Animism" or "Synchro-Spirituality?"

What's wrong with just plain "synchronicity?"

I wanted to post on the Rigouous Intuition - but somehow never received my acceptence onto the board?

The smearing of Jake by "Goro" is ridiculous. I think Jake's very talented, gifted, with whatever it is that gives one the ability to pick out snycs without going insane, overboard, on it.

Perhaps he has to avoid the actual meanings - beside the most transcendental one, because he needs to keep his health. That is totally understandable. Just putting words in his mouth - excuses , but I hadn't read the really hateful stuff against him until yesterday. And absolutely didn't want to pile on with the Jake haters. What Jake does seems totally different than what "Goro" does. And one reason I never subscribed or looked at Goro's site was because I didn't want to be accused of "ripping off" his ideas, if I happened to see the same thing or things Goro saw.

Movie issue: the observaton that movies can influence one's bio-energies is very noteworthy. Thank you for that Aeolus.

However, I feel the "adept" can read *anything. My friend, Laurence Lyons, is awesome in reading the English language. (author of the "Language Crystal" and other books ) He's in the "synchro-animist" or "synchro-spiritualist" camp, though it was never labled such nor did he know that. I met a man years ago, the son of a famous Israel sculptor, who was *UNBELIEVABLE in reading geometries, number, and the letters of the Hebrew in the "5 Books of Moses." That-one flirted with illness. The intensites can be so strong that your mind can just be ripped - I assume. Hence the proscription against studying "Kabballah" before one turns 40 (and has presumably lived a good enough life and can therefore face the danger inherant in it.)

"Goro" strikes me as the typical "No Planes" 9/11 researcher - though that is not his field - bad temper.

Hey, "Goro"'s doing a good job! I'm not going to criticize him either. His temperment reminds me very much of Gerard Holmgren. Yes, the best. Yes, angry when his research is mis-used by those who could've never originated it themselves. Yes, withholding his own important contributions out of spite for the misuse and misunderstanding, and inability of others to actually fully appreciate and accept his work on its own very exact terms.

I will be glad when the "synchromysticism" message board goes back up. The small group on there has been hacked twice. The last one with a Turkish banner sig. (Is "Goro" Turkish, by chance? ;) ) There seems to be a greatness in the group that does not appear from one individual alone. :)

As far as the "insertion" of the syncs into the cinema forms. I'm presently in the camp, if my understanding is correct, with Jake K., who believe that the syncs are definitley not deliberate nor placed there by super-beings or adepts. There are other things going on in the creation of the film "art," but the syncs, and a given person's relationship with them (granted as a result of talent), is, IMO, an "unintended consequence." They are expressions of the "group mind", "action at a distance," the superintelligent and powerful "shakti." IMO

"Somanath" the Moon. Said to have been cursed by "Jupiter" since he was not faithfull to Jupiter's daughter/wife, by whom the child Mercury/Budha was born.

Turns out Mercury and Moon are twin planets!


According to Humint:
"They are cosmological twins!


The two bodies are even fairly close in size.

I thought Mercury was supposed to be covered with molten rock on the surface from being close to the sun (what I learned in school a long time ago). But the craters here are identical to the Moon craters? and why are the craters always perfectly round-- implying a straight vertical impact?

Wiki article on Mercury.

Possible explanations for the similarity between Mercury and the Moon:
1) NASA is faking the photos
2) Mercury and the Moon were constructed by the same beings
3) Mercury and the Moon had similar physical origins and exposure to asteroids-- and somehow ended up in very different places in the Solar system"

I left the "cult" I was in

and never anticipated ... what I would eventually "get" from the "synchromystic" study. So far, it's not *owned.

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